Open Vacancies
Job Detail Expired Date: 23-Nov-2018
Job Code : 000744 Job Location : Head Office
Job Title : Manager, Internal Communication Working Type : Full Time
Number of Positions : 1

Job Introduction

    The Internal Communication Manager is responsible for overseeing, reviewing the communication contents/messages, and leading communication events (seminars/workshops, video conferences, or emails/E-Portal) to ensure that staff are well informed and convinced. In addition, the incumbent responsibility will also be to initiate or design effective communication strategies by working with all related stakeholders (Executive Committee (EC), and Senior Management) to ensure all information is organized or communicated widely and clearly to all internal staff member.

Job Description

  • Facilitate the development of the internal communication strategies including consistent approach in terms of content, target audiences, style and mixed channels

  • Establish and drive the implementation of the annual internal communication plan

  • Monitor and work with EC to ensure strategic information on business objectives, organizational changes, key projects, etc. is effectively communicated to related employees

  • Set standards and guidelines for the different departments and provide trainings on the disseminated functional information (products and work processes), functional writing skills, and on how to functional documentation libraries for easy access

  • Develop innovative internal communication means, both person-to-person and through intranet (e-portal) such as social media-like applications or digital company magazines

  • Publish timely all necessary information through various channels (E-portal, website, etc.)

  • Collect feedback from network staff, assess the effectiveness of the internal communication, and initiate communication plan or design effective communication contents/messages/channels.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree/Master in public communication or related fields

  • Minimum 2-3 years experience in managing internal or external communication

  • Experienced in project management, especially internal communication

  • Very good oral and written communication in both Khmer and English

  • Very good leadership, interpersonal, coordination, problem-solving skills

  • Motivated to work a challenging job with positive impact

  • Able to frequently travel to provinces.