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Job Detail Expired Date: 14-Dec-2018
Job Code : 000755 Job Location : Head Office
Job Title : Senior Officer, Assets and Liabilities Management Working Type : Full Time
Number of Positions : 1

Job Introduction

    The incumbent will be responsible for developing assets and liabilities management and analyzing the balance sheet to ensure the company has risk mitigation tools for effective and efficient cash management and uses the company's assets to maximize profitability and minimize financial risk.

Job Description

  • Manage the maturity of assets and liabilities and provide effective recommendations for critical decision making by committee

  • Analyze assets and liabilities management reports to ensure the company is not exposed to financial risk and provide recommendations for maximizing profitability to ALCO to support its decision making

  • Develop or revise assets and liabilities management policy to maximize net interest income and minimize risks due to mismatch between assets and liabilities

  • Analyze funding and lending costs to provide recommendations for critical profit enhancing decisions by ALCO

  • Develop and analyze savings volatility by product type and currency to manage or forecast savings stability for the company

  • Analyze savings withdrawals before and on maturity by product type and currency to know the percentage of monthly withdrawals to ensure the company has enough liquidity to support normal requirements, plus a buffer to reduce the likelihood that liquidity falls below these

  • Organize monthly ALCO meetings to assess the company's balance sheet and take appropriate action.

  • Prepare PowerPoint presentations on asset and liability management for ALCO meetings and provide recommendations to support the committee’s decision making

  • Draft ALCO meeting minutes for validation by the committee and circulate it to all relevant departments so they can take necessary action.

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Finance and Banking or related fields

  • Minimum 2 years of work experience in assets and liabilities management or related field

  • Good computer literacy; Advanced Excel is a plus

  • Good verbal and written communication in both Khmer and English

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